The new weirdest set you’ve ever produced whoopee

The new weirdest set you’ve ever produced whoopee

Gil & Chris Gayle against

NEWLYWED Games (Synd. Tom & Diane Sealy compared to. Tony & Debbie Brewer versus. Joel & Diane Pressman (53. Wayne & Carol Jakeman vs. Joe & Marie Monacco against. Joleen & Kevin O’Hea. Perfect rating complete! Steve and you will Lisandra Van Moderate against. Hank & Olga Perez versus. Steeped & Debbie Sanford. Richard & Louise Moore against. Bob & Lynn Bibi vs. Larry & Diana Martiz (53. John & Mary Bedford compared to. Dennis & Nancy Whelan compared to. Dan & Nancy Isey. A couple results 0 facts! Gerald & Charlene Puddy versus. Jerry & Diane Suiter vs. Alan & Catherine Wills. Amazing adverts (DD39. Shelley & Larry Russack vs. Carol & Mario Navarre vs. Carmen & Carlos Rivarte compared to.

Rosie & Tim Binham (DL35. Rene & Roy Copeman compared to. Sharon & Carl Philips compared to. Tina & Ways Carnoza (DB31. Anita & Bob Bright against. Edith & Curt Harrah compared to. Margaret & David Parker. The fresh hilarious “Archie Bunker” episode! Strongly suggested! Older GSN airing (53. Ruth & Jack Baldwin against. Mary & Ollie Heller versus. Bonnie & Rick Myers (CO87. Julie & Donnie Simzer against. Sharon & Clarence Wright versus. Mary & David Hawkin. GSN recession (1147. Donna & Costs McGuire vs. Carrie & Tony Hanes against. Linda & Frank Clementino. GSN market meltdown (1147. Diane & Steve Johnson vs. Debbie & Rich Orphin compared to. Becky & John Solin. GSN market meltdown () -1979-Connie & Rick Tevracki against. Anne & Jim Stone vs. Barbara & Glenn Taylor vs.

Sherry & Jim Archer (6. Mary & Greg Bittner versus. Melinda & Jimmy Hatcher against. Mary Lou & Arthur Esqueda. A couple results 0 issues! Normina & Dick Ryan compared to. Donna & Sandy Owen versus. Amazingly & James Stevens (six. Linda & Phillip Grain vs. Teri Ann & John Gillette against. Rosie & Danny Cruz (25. Cathy & Steve Kent compared to. Carrie & Ron Gray vs. Louann & Dino Kaye (57. Cheryl & Eli Gitchaway versus. Carla & Tim McDonald against. Pam & Ron Buttocks. Comedy starting! Lisa & Bob Voyez compared to. Debbie & Tom Doyle vs. Jeanne & Ron Huxy () -1979-Cheryl & Gerald Someone vs. Nancy & Gary Ogee compared to. Janine & Scott McGorium versus. Loretta & Rich Sutherland () -1979-Debbie & Ron Myers versus.

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Alan & Gail Carpenter vs. Cheryl & Scott Drib vs. Diana & Ray McCoy. No videos to some extent away from history phase on account of good GSN mistake () -1979? Linda & Joweeva Hizu versus. Jennifer & Lyndon Aston against. Edie & George Crisp (39. Sandy & Harry Zuckerman against. Joyce & Wally Ward against. Pearl & Philip Morris vs. Linda & Steve Gall. Pearl gets just a little also into online game (53. Gary & Sharon Kujar (JL8. Melinda & Ken Williams against. Georgine & Dan Koppleman versus. Laurie & John Ford. Betty & Ray Cunnigham versus. Renee & Sean Stone Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Russia women against. Julie & Ray Johnson (1. Rita & Dave Fushedeer compared to. Judy & Myron Myrick vs. Rhonda & Charles Moore against. Sue & John Stuber (JL9.

NEWLYWED Games (ABC, Feb. 1984) [2 attacks away from weekly-enough time decide to try focus on] Lange experimented with, but it’s obvious who’s got the greater Newlywed Online game host. -March thirteen, 1984-Charlotte & Don Walker vs. Hareen & Jeffrey Goydell compared to. Sherry & Cole Levels against. Angie & Russ Bragg (RS57.2) -February 1984-Maria & Kelly Murphy compared to. Brenda & Chet Capps against. Lydia & Mike Johnson versus. Lisa & John Engen (146.4)

NEWLYWED Game (Synd. Reddish Set, Normal Structure -1985-Premier. Leola & Othello English vs. Sophistication & Kenny Sayless versus. Devera & Expenses Base vs. Cathy & Greg Smith versus. Demita & Anthony Ardick vs. Laura & Ted Brownish. Slate as well as 2 totally new advertisements! Elaine & Dave Mayer vs. Jo & Richard Black against. Renee & Jim Smith versus. Mary & Ted Prepare. Completely new advertising (BS13. J. Davo vs. Sabrina & Jerome Johnson compared to. Tammy & Statement Beard compared to. Doris Ann & Harry Somerfield (ninety. Ruth & Jim Jones compared to. Yvonne & Darryl Jones (zero family members) vs. Tammy & Larry Hernandez (241. Gita & Processor Hopkins vs. Wendy & Michael Baldazani (248. Joyce & Bern Bowman against. Deirdre & Rodney Bigley vs.