Shaquille O’Neal, flat earther, performed DJ for people, and then he remaining chanting from the us to hug all of our wife

Shaquille O’Neal, flat earther, performed DJ for people, and then he remaining chanting from the us to hug all of our wife

SARAH: (laughing) And then you were such as for example “I am seeing John Legend at this time and then have some individuals state one to Shaq is about to DJ later on” right after which I see a video clip regarding Shaq

KAYLA: And then Dr. The guy devoted the fresh new tune to help you their wife. In addition, he or she is straight up perhaps not hitched. After which from the overcome lose, the guy kept just are like “hug your wife”

Kayla’s brother Nina Maggart who would like to give , Sara Jones that is every-where

KAYLA: Zero! Since I checked it! I found myself such as for instance “ok, he should be partnered, sure” we featured it.

SARAH: A member of BTS try headlining Lolla. And have, the next day x to each other has been doing and this is fantastic, however, I’ll be seeing all of them a couple weeks prior to following, and so i reached the fresh new team prior to when Lolla, you know? Anyway.

SARAH: My animal meat was I can not pick a justification commit. Lollapalooza is in Chi town. I live in Ca. I’m currently traveling back once again to Michigan inside July, Sep, November, December, and March.

SARAH: To consult with Lolla. Just to pick Hopey. I can not do this. Also We have not ever been to help you a festival however, I really don’t think they might be most my scene.

SARAH: Yeah, as well as on the fresh bright side, I would personally be able to discover a lot of my pals, because the a bunch of folks are supposed, that makes me personally FOMO so hard, however, I would really just become planning to discover your and txt and maybe look at the set record and watch in the event that discover others.

SARAH: Anyway. Therefore that is my personal animal meat and you will my liquid. The fresh new BTS sounds! By the point which arrives it would be out.

KAYLA: The newest funny thing are I found myself version of taking walks toward sea while watching Bruno Mars since the we were inside a revolution pond,

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SARAH: That is what I said! We said “contained in this cost savings?” We replied in this particularly dos moments because the I watched the e-mail and that i are for example “contained in this economy??”

KAYLA: (laughing) It never ever happens any further. I am thus disappointed to anyone who has messaged united states otherwise emailed all of us over the past such as for example 5 months. I’m so sorry.

Not, upright divorced

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